Start of school :(

All of us here at the Girly and the Geeky have officially started school, so the posts will be less frequent. 3 out of the 4 of us are in multiple APs and it’s insane! GAH! Sorry again!

~All of us.


Ladies, watch out!

Hey guys.

Sorry that I haven’t updated in a while.  I was vacationing in Mexico, and I was sunbathing and sipping pinacoladas (virgin); I really can’t complain.  Anyway, ladies I have to warn you.  There’s something new we need to look out for while going out to dinner.  Yeah, there’s the basics like don’t bend over with a short dress, no talking with your mouth full, no burbing, etc., but there’s a whole different problem I am now personally worrying about.  I was out with my parents and my sister having dinner, and it was a special night out on vacation, so I thought I’d wear my new  outfit.  It’s a grey, lacey figure hugging dress, and I was really excited to show it off to everyone.  Since, it is kind of short, I made sure to be very careful on the walk over to the restaurant and everything.  Dinner was going great when suddenly I felt something drop down my dress and and land on my chest.  I was worried thinking I had dropped food or something, and I discreetly peeked down to see what exactly.  There was a giant, flying beetle resting on top of my bra!  I shriek and then grab the front of my dress and completely yank it down in public showing my family and anyone else who could have been watching my new strapless bra.  I then frantically started trying to blow the bug out of my dress.  The bug took off, hit my dad in the face, and then I lost sight of it.  My whole family is staring at me like I have lost it, and I start trying to explain exactly what happened and where the bug had come from.  My mom told me that she had never been more surprised then when I had yanked down my dress and started to hyperventilate in public as I am usually very modest.  What can I say ?  I’m terrified of bugs!  So keep an eye out girls, this just might happen to you!

Kisses, Lilac