Inevitability-Chapter 2

Hey, it’s Ebony with another chapter of…Inevitability!! Well…it’s also the only story I’m writing right now, so you could probably guess that.  Warning: I kinda abused italicization. And ellipses. Oops.    Well, enjoy!

“Hey, Avis, you ready for orchestra?”

Avis sighed. “Am I ever?”

Alcarin cracked a smile, one so miniscule that if Avis hadn’t been his best (and only) friend for the past nine years, she wouldn’t have noticed it.

Avis gasped. Avis did a happy dance. Avis shrieked in joy. Avis jumped up and down. Alcarin hit her head. Avis stopped celebrating.

“What was that for?!?!”

Alcarin shrugged. “You seemed to be in some weird trance.”

“It’s called being happy, you jerk!” she exclaimed, before mumbling, “Not that you would know anything about that…but you just smiled! Smiled!! ….wait, are you sick?”

“No, you idiot.  And I was not smiling.”

“You totally were!! You can’t deny it!! And we’re going to be late!! RUN!!!”

She grabbed his arm before running-well, more like charging-down the hallway to their orchestra class.

They burst through the door, just as the bell rang.

“YES! Score! Told ya we’d make it on time, you pessimist.”

“You said no such thing.”

“I did too!! Or did I? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Avis, to your seat please.  We can’t start without our concert pianist, now can we?” said her teacher, smiling all the while.

“Why doesn’t Alcarin get lectured? He arrived at the same time as me, plus he’s the concertmaster! Why only meeeeeeeeeeee?”

“Well, it’s because he’s already in his seat.”

“Huh?” Avis turned around dramatically, only to gasp when she saw Alcarin sitting in his chair, quietly pulling out his violin and running his bow through some rosin. “Not fair!!! You cheated!”

“How so?”

“You…you…uh…your seat is easier to find! It’s right next to the director!”

“And yours is right under the grand piano standing to your right. Just sit down.”

“Ugh!! Fine! I will have my revenge, o great dwarves! I will have my revenge!!!”

A random member of the orchestra turned to his neighbor and asked, “What’s that all about, anyways?”

“She’s always like that.  Well, at least, ever since she met Alcarin.”

“But he’s like… an emotionless, robotic, stoic, and unfeeling rock!”

His neighbor looked confusingly. “A robotic rock? Right…well, anyways, she met him right after her mother died.”

DUN DUN DUN.  Dramatic, no? I hope so.  Anyways, how they met and why Alcarin was smiling (yep, there’s a reason for that) will be revealed in the next chapter. Double bonus!  Be prepared for some fluffy amesomeness! (Or some fluffy sauce.  Whichever you want.) Give me some feedback!



Harrry Potter fanfic

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to post a new story, because I’m getting a little bored with The Lost Princess.  I haven’t stopped working on it though, and there should be an update soon.  I was reading over my sotires, and I’ve realized that they may seem a tiny bit dark, but I promise they have happy endings (nervous smile.)  I hope you enjoy!

(Obiously, anything from the Harry Potter books belongs to J.K.Rowling, etc.)

Full Moon

                       “I won’t!  Not again, not after what happened last time!”

My father growls at me, deep and reverberating, it echoes off the walls.  I see that he’s getting that crazed look in his eye, and you should never argue with him then as it might be the last thing you’ll ever do.

He grabs me by my arm tightly and says, “Anna, you’re going whether you like it or not.  The Dark Lord’s work is not yet all undone.  We still have people in the Ministry under the Imperius Curse.  We still have a following of Death Eaters, and they are looking for a new leader, and it will be me.  Fenrir Grayback shall take hold of the Wizarding world.

He then thrust me aside and quickly loped off.  I feel so alone.  Just over a year ago, I actually had a friend here, someone who wasn’t blood thirsty and power crazed like everyone else here.  His name was Remus Lupin, but he had to leave after a few months because my father heard he was part of the Order of the Phoenix.  Remus was teaching me more complicated magic before he left.  One of my father’s greatest embarrassments was that I was a halfling.  My father had wanted to mate with a nice, werewolf girl, because he thought it would make me stronger as a witch and a werewolf.  My mother was a witch who had left me on my father’s doorstep seventeen years ago, and I never knew her.  I often wonder what my life would be like if she had kept me.

Suddenly, I feel myself connecting with the wall.  I glared up at Vince my father’s second –in-command, who had pushed me.

“Stop daydreaming, princess.  We’ve got people to lure in and turn,” he shouted maliciously.

My stomach started to flip; my father is insane.  He’s now trying to build up his own personal army of wizards turned werewolves, and he uses me occasionally to help him.  He’d often have a group of big werewolves placed by a dark alley.  It went the same way every time.  They would drag me into the alley kicking and screaming when they saw someone, and usually that person would try to investigate.  Then, all the werewolves would jump my savior and turn him  into a monster, just like me, just like all us werewolves.

I’m now standing beside the entrance to an alleyway.  The full moon should be out soon.

“It’s alright.  I’ve drunk my potion.  I won’t hurt anyone.  I’m not like my father.”  This is my silent mantra.

I’m startled out of my thoughts suddenly by a loud growl.  They’re changing.  This is the worst part for me: watching the fur sprouting out their backs, their nails growing long and curved, their faces losing their humanity.  If only, I thought, we could turn into an actual, proper wolf.  That wouldn’t be too bad.  I see a form creeping up on me slowly, cautiously.  Wait, they couldn’t have turned on me this time.  I am a werewolf too.

“Shh!  Don’t move, I’m not going to hurt you.”

I turn my head, and I’m looking at a round faced boy with big, soft looking brown eyes and silky brown hair.  He gives me a smile that’s meant to reassure me, but only makes me even more upset.  He’s too kind and gentle for this life.  I send up a silent prayer.

“Please God, let this one get away.”

The wolves have caught sight of him now.  But suddenly it’s black, dark as night.  A hand grasps mine and pulls me out of the dark cloud.

“That’s one of Fred’s and George’s best inventions yet, Instant Peruvian Darkness Powder!” he shouts at me while running out of the alley and keeping a firm grip on my hand.

The boy looks a little sad now I think.  Perhaps something happened to those boys he mentioned.  It’s likely enough considering what’s been happening these past months.  Things have been getting much better though since the Dark Lord’s fall.  I only hope my father does not succeed.  The boy is slowing down now I notice.

“Hey, where do you live?  Is there somewhere I can take you?  I can’t apparate yet, but I have friends who can.  They could take you home.”

“I don’t have a home,” I said unthinkingly, but truthfully.  The boy looked at me thoughtfully.  After a long pause he said, “My name’s Neville, Neville Longbottom actually.  You could come live with me, I mean, that is, you know, I’d have to ask my Gran.”  He had by now turned an adorable shade of pink.

I was so tempted by his offer.  I could say goodbye to this horrible, daily scheming.  But would this put Neville and his family in danger?

Ladies, watch out!

Hey guys.

Sorry that I haven’t updated in a while.  I was vacationing in Mexico, and I was sunbathing and sipping pinacoladas (virgin); I really can’t complain.  Anyway, ladies I have to warn you.  There’s something new we need to look out for while going out to dinner.  Yeah, there’s the basics like don’t bend over with a short dress, no talking with your mouth full, no burbing, etc., but there’s a whole different problem I am now personally worrying about.  I was out with my parents and my sister having dinner, and it was a special night out on vacation, so I thought I’d wear my new  outfit.  It’s a grey, lacey figure hugging dress, and I was really excited to show it off to everyone.  Since, it is kind of short, I made sure to be very careful on the walk over to the restaurant and everything.  Dinner was going great when suddenly I felt something drop down my dress and and land on my chest.  I was worried thinking I had dropped food or something, and I discreetly peeked down to see what exactly.  There was a giant, flying beetle resting on top of my bra!  I shriek and then grab the front of my dress and completely yank it down in public showing my family and anyone else who could have been watching my new strapless bra.  I then frantically started trying to blow the bug out of my dress.  The bug took off, hit my dad in the face, and then I lost sight of it.  My whole family is staring at me like I have lost it, and I start trying to explain exactly what happened and where the bug had come from.  My mom told me that she had never been more surprised then when I had yanked down my dress and started to hyperventilate in public as I am usually very modest.  What can I say ?  I’m terrified of bugs!  So keep an eye out girls, this just might happen to you!

Kisses, Lilac

Lack of posts AGAIN

This seems to happen often doesn’t it? Well again we apologize for the lack of postings on the blog. Life is super busy right now. School starts soon for us! 😦 I, Pinkii, have been incredibly busy as my eight year old identical twin cousins are in town and keep me incredibly busy and worn out. I’m also cramming Great Expectations down my throat today, because I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve been obsessed with reading the manga: Ouran Highschool Host Club! It’s so good! I’ve been working on nailing down the plot for Trade My Fins For Your Feet, so there should be some new stuff soon for that! Nothing tonight or tomorrow though, because tonight I have to READ READ READ and tomorrow, I’m going to an all day thing.
Anyway, Love y’all!



Inevitability-Chapter 1

A new story, one I’ve just made up to celebrate the fluffiness of fluffy things! …Yeah, I know I don’t make much sense.  Enjoy!

The notes drifted through the air, gentle chords with an underlying strength that seemed to make its way to one’s soul.  They continued, one after another, forming a soothing melody that moved like waves. Then, another sound, a different instrument that began slowly on a single note and worked itself gracefully into a harmony.  It didn’t detract from the melody; if anything, it completed the melody, not overpowering it, yet not supporting it.  It was like two strangers had come together and harmonized with each other instantaneously, like love at first sight-

“Avis! Avis!”

A girl jumped, her waist-long auburn hair loose from her usual low ponytail.

“Yes! Cheesecake! Purple dinocorns! Thermopolis-what was the question again?”

“Ms. Katari, please refrain from sleeping in my class. Again.

The girl laughed sheepishly.

“Sorry, Professor! I’ll try harder next time. I promise.”

“Sure you will,” muttered the boy sitting next to her.  “That’s the same thing you’ve said all year.”

She elbowed him sharply.  “Shut up, Alcarin!”


“No violence in my classroom, please.”

She gave her professor another apology before elbowing the boy again-discretely this time.  The boy didn’t dare shout again, in fear of being elbowed yet again.

The boy was none other than Alcarin Dorster, Avis’ long-time friend….and childhood crush.

Tell me what you guys think!


Working on Trade My Fins For Your Feet

Hey guys it’s Pinkii!

I’m not sure what’s going on with Trade My Fins For Your Feet. I’ve never written a full story like this, so I’m learning how to write stories like this. It’s a lot harder than I thought. I realized how much work authors have to put into their work. I respected them already, but I appreciate books a lot more now that I’m trying to write! It’s like with music. I never realized just how much work a performer has to put in, like with recording until I had to do it (I went to a music camp where they let us record in a recording studio). Walk a mile in their shoes right? Anyway back on topic. I never made a story board or figured out the plot for Trade My Fins For Your Feet, so that’s what I’m doing now. I didn’t think I’d need one, but boy do I! I’m hoping I’ll get another chapter up soon, but I think I better figure out what’s going to happen to Elle! Anyway, if you haven’t read my story check it out in the writing section! Also check out The Lost Princess by Lilac. She’s got a chapter up right now! It’s really good! As usual, Comments, likes, follows mean the world to us! Ok maybe not the world, but they make us freak out and jump up and down.

Love y’all! (I am from Texas after all)


New writer

Yo! This is the new, idiosyncratic writer on this blog, EbonyKnightShadow!  Prepare yourselves for some awesome sauce-ness.  I’m not much of a writer, but I AM a geek, one who spends a little too much time gaming then she should.  I’ll probably write a game review or two;don’t expect much (if anything) for the “girly” side, my girly side is pretty much non-existant.  I’m your average nerd/otaku, I can’t really play sports, and I like gaming (Although, I suppose this falls under the “nerd” category.  Hmm.), even if I suck at it. Yep…I can’t think of much more to say, but I’ll try to add something later for you guys.

Greetings (or farewell),


New Writer On Staff!

Hey guys it’s Pinkii and I’m here to announce the newest writer for The Girly and the Geeky: Ebonyknightshadow! She’s one of Cerulean, Lilac and I’s closest friends in real life! She’s definitely a geek! She’ll be posting her little intro soon and her section on the about page will be up soon as well! Any way, she’s awesomesauce so be on the lookout for her!



Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review

Today I’m doing a review for Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.  Animal Parade is for the Wii and has a predecessor, Tree of Tranquility (which I will review at a later time.) Fair warning:  I haven’t 100% completed the game.   For those of you familiar with Harvest Moon, you know that some don’t really have a story line at all and almost every single game never really ends.  I have completed the story line, but not all the extra stuff that comes along with a Harvest Moon game. For those of you unfamiliar with Harvest Moon, I recommend you Google it.  I don’t think you would enjoy me rambling on and on about it but if someone thinks otherwise feel free to mention it in the comments and I’ll make a special post just explaining Harvest Moon.

Plot:  The game starts off with your selected character riding in the back of a hay wagon. Accompanying you is a  little orange sprite named Finn.  He nags you the whole way to Castanet about hurrying up and meeting the Harvest Goddess.  You finally arrive in Castanet at your new farm (which is in dire need of some repairs) and the mayor, Hamilton, greets you and whatnot. After this, Finn again nags you to go visit the Harvest Goddess.  You encounter several bumps along the road trying to get to her spring, but eventually you make it there and she tells you the land is dying and to restore it you need to ring the 5 bells to summon the Harvest King, who is currently not around and is the only one powerful enough to restore the land.  So now it’s up to you to track down the bells and save your home.  Of course, you can take as long as you like doing everything, but some features (such as the hot spring, parts of the mines, even characters) are unavailable until you ring a certain bell.

Gameplay:  The controls are almost identical to those of Tranquility with only a couple changes. The changes are so slight that it’s easy to forget the changes if you play them back to back.  Time in Parade passes much slower than in Tranquility.  It passes so much slower that I can finish everything I have to do in a day, do extra stuff, and still have time left over.  I never really had a problem with it though.  A rather annoying change is that you can’t prevent typhoons that destroy your fields.  In Tranquility, you could reset in the morning if you didn’t like what the weather was going to be the following day.  That isn’t the case with Parade.  It seems that they combated this in a way by making it super easy to repair your fields with each seed packet only containing one seed.  Now, something they have only done with one other game recently, is reusing the characters from a previous game (Tranquility) and adding a few new ones.  Personally, I loved this.  I loved the characters from Tranquility and was super excited to see them used again.  What I didn’t love was how darn long it takes to befriend everyone.  It takes almost an entire game year of giving someone a favorite gift item everyday to get them to 10 hearts.  But with the animals it’s a whole different story.  In about half that time, you can get an animal up to 10 hearts.  Guess it’s not called Animal Parade for nothing.

Graphic Quality:  Now, it is a Wii game, so naturally the quality of the graphics will be better.  It seems brighter than Tranquility, which is really nice.  I’m a big fan of nice, bright colors in a game.

Art Style:  Hands down, I think this has the BEST scenery of any Harvest Moon/Rune Factory game I have played.  They did a marvelous job with Castanet. I can’t really explain what it’s like, but it’s beautiful.  The characters pretty much look the same as they did in Tranquility, although they did mess up Owen’s head…  It’s a little out of proportion with the rest of his body if you know what I mean.

Pacing of Story:  The pacing is rather uneven in my opinion.  Some of the bells took no time at all,  some took a decent amount of time, and some of them took forever to complete.  It would have taken me a lot longer if I hadn’t had the game guide.  All in all, it took me about 3 1/2 seasons to complete the main story line.  But since time passes rather slowly, 3 1/2 seasons is a decent amount of time to finish I suppose.

Customization:  The basic ability to name your character, farm, animals, and eventually kids is nothing new.  You can change your clothes as well as your kids’, buy new furniture for your house, move the furniture around, and change the interior and exterior (different colors and styles.)  Quite a bit more customization is available than in earlier Harvest Moon games.

Difficulty of game:  Really, no Harvest Moon game is super hard.  They’re just not meant to be. Some of the bells took a while more because they were time consuming than hard.  Items in the game are priced a little high so it can be a challenge getting the money for everything.  It was however hard to befriend people.  Mainly it was just time consuming, but some of the favored items were hard to come by which makes it an even lengthier process.

Music soundtrack:  I haven’t heard some of the tracks in a while, but from the ones I do remember, I remember liking them.  The Fugue Forest track is rather catchy in my opinion.  A nice feature was the music changing at night to better fit the atmosphere.  There are actually very few soundtracks in any of the Harvest Moon/Rune Factory games that annoy me.

Price of game:  You can buy the game new for $20 at Gamestop.  I’m not sure how much the guide is, but I would definitely recommend buying it.  Another option is using an internet guide, such as Ushi no Tane, but I prefer having an actual book.

Lasting Appeal:  I cant’ really say since I haven’t finished all I would like to yet.  I suppose in a way it has a decent lasting appeal if I still have stuff to do after finishing the main story line.

Stars out of 10:  A 9 from me.  I’m docking a full point because it shouldn’t take so long to befriend people.  It bugged me that much.  I know that in real life it takes time to become friends with people, but this is a video game.  Typhoons don’t happen often enough anyway for it to be a big problem and I’m rather rich in the game so it isn’t too bad patching up the fields.

Final consensus:  I really enjoyed the game and it is a must play for any Harvest Moon fan.  It’s also a good starter game for those unfamiliar with Harvest Moon.

Disclaimer: We do not own, nor are we affiliated with the makers of  Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, the writers of the game guide, Google, Ushi no Tane, Gamestop, nor anything else mentioned here. They all belong to their respective owners and creators. This is strictly a personal review of the product. We were not paid to review this product, nor were we given the product by any company. The Girly and the Geeky blog is not associated with the aforementioned companies/websites in any way, nor is there any profit made for the blog, it’s owner, and other writers.