Hope- Chapter 2

Yay! Another post…after a month.  I’m sorry, guys, we’re all just super busy. Really, really busy.  Actually, usually at a time like this, rater than “blogging” (I think of it more as writing), I would usually be painting, ’cause I have to finish my painting by February 16. Well, not “finish.”  It has to be dry by the 16th, and because I’m doing an oil piece, it really has to be done by the 9th (unless someone knows a secret to make it dry faster? Please?).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well this morning, and decided inhaling turpentine probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. So instead, I spent the majority of the day arranging a duet for some friends (it’s gonna super awesome!) and doing English homework.  Ugh, English.  Not my best subject.  Anyways, I also decided to type up this chapter for you guys! Enjoy!


Stupid Luquen…” Tahl muttered as he inelegantly stuffed clothes for his journey into his bag.  “Stupid Luquen, stupid Empire, stupid village…”

He stopped grumbling for a second when he caught site of the dusty mirror in the corner of his room.  Gently wiping away some of the dust, he stared at his reflection.  A light grey eye, almost a pale lavender, stared back, his other eye cover by his long auburn bangs.  Brushing them aside, he looked at his usually covered eye.  An eye, not quite similar to his other one, revealed itself.  Tahl sighed, and let his bangs fall back.

Mother…Father…”  The sad whisper fell from his lips. Pained from the remembrance of his parents, he clutched at his necklace, a pair of silver rings strung on a thin leather strip.  Even as a young adult, the memory of his late parents, reflected in his now covered eye, caused him unbearable sorrow.

He once again lifted his bangs to gaze at his irregular eye.  Rather than the lavender-grey eye one might expect, a bright red glared back, an old, ugly scar running over it.  He ran his fingers over it, as if it would soothe the pain for a moment.

I have avenged you…so why do you still ache?  Mother?  Father?  No answer came to his question.  Instead, he seemed to become more sorrowful as he recalled the night of his parents death.

f l a s h b a c k

A little boy, at the age of eight, clutched his mother’s hand, and she his father’s, as they walked back to the inn.  It was a small inn, but made enough for the family to survive comfortably.

“Welcome back.”  An elderly lady, wielding an intricate wooden cane, walked up to the entrance as the family approached.

“Grandma Aefyi!”  The little boy ran up to hug her, both lavender-grey eyes shining as he began to tell her of the day’s adventures. The old woman smiled and led him indoors for some snacks.

“Calm down, Tahl.  Eat something first, and then you can tell about today.”

“Okay, Grandma!”  the little boy exclaimed as he quickly crammed a flakey pastry into his mouth.  His mother sighed.

“You spoil him a bit too much, Aefyi.” She smiled and grabbed a pastry for herself.

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit hypocritical, Reqi?”  Her husband laughed as he watched both mother and son scarf down pastries.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Tahnn!  Eat some too!”  Before he could refuse, Reqi forced some of her pastry into his mouth.  “It’s delicious, isn’t it?!  Well, of course it is, Grandma Aefyi made it!”

The old lady chuckled.  “You flatter me too much, dear.  Well, enjoy, I’m going to retire for the night.  Good night.”

“Tell us if you need anything!” Reqi shouted, before once again grabbing a pastry to eat.  “Dear, would you check on all our guests?”  Just then, she heard the front door open.  “I’ll get that one if you get the rest!  Thanks, dear!”  She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before skipping to the front entrance to deal with their new guest.

Rather than the poor traveler she expected to appear- as most of their guests were- a pair of soldiers, clad in the forest green Empire uniform, appeared.

“Hello!  Will you both be needing a room to spend the night in?”  Always cheerful, she invited them in with a smile.  Instead of entering, one of the soldiers raised a hand to stop her as the other reached into his bag and pulled out a rolled piece of parchment.  He unrolled it slowly.

“Reqi of Altiua, you are hereby under the arrest in the name of the Empire.”


Cliffy!  Actually, it’s beacuse I don’t really feel like typing much more, not to mention, I’m sorta tired.  Who knos what type of terrible grammatical and plot errors I might make?  No worries, though, I will update as soon as I get another chance.  ….That may not be until February 9th or later though.  I warn you now.  Important note:  Notice that both Tahl’s eyes were grey when he was 8.  It’s kinda important.  The flashback will continue the next time I’m back!  I have it planned out and all, all that’s left is to type it!  See y’all (oh, look, there’s my Texas-ness) later!



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