Again, I’m feeling uninspired by my stories…so for now, Solo is also on the waiting list.  Thanks to bottledworder, who liked Solo, Pinkii, who wrote one of the nicest reviews I’ve ever read, and to Cerulean, who gave me her verbal compliments.  Unfortunately, that’s enough to base a story on; you need to know what your audience is thinking, and if 2 of them are your close friends, you can’t really base it all on one person. (Not to say that you’re not amazing, bottledworder. You’re an incredible writer.) So again, I’m starting another story, and maybe this one will catch your attention.  It’s inspired from an Asian action movie that I was watching the other day. (Yeah, I know. Don’t judge.) It’s called Hope.


A young man, around the age of 20, turned around to face the speaker.  Noticing the white scroll clutched in the courier’s hand, he frowned and began to walk away.

“Tahl! You can’t do this again! This is the third time! If you ignore the summons again, they’ll kill you!”

“They won’t kill me. They can’t killme.”

The courier, a 17-year old boy, sighed and held the scroll out to Tahl.

“Just take it. Take it, read it, and go.”

I refuse to die for a country that killed my parents!” It came out more forceful than Tahl had intended.  The courier winced at his loud tone, but continued on.

“This village can’t continue like this.  We need a representative in the army, or the Empire will wipe us out.”

“Then why don’t you go? You’re obviously willing enough.”

The boy shook his head and held out the scroll again. “No one in this village could survive being in the army except for you. Please, Tahl?”

Tahl looked at the boy. “Will you take care of Malkir?”

The boy recognized it as a final request before Tahl would leave. “I promise.”

Tahl snatched the scroll from the boy’s hand and began to head home. “If she’s hurt in any sort of way by the time I get back, you’re going to pay for it, Luquen.”

The courier gave a nervous smile. “I know I will, Tahl. Good luck.”

“I won’t need it…but thanks anyway.”

And with that, the young man continued his walk home to prepare for his long journey to the Empirical South.


I know. It’s really short. But its has a lot of backround info that will become important later on.  For example…the Empire is threatening to destroy Tahl’s village.  There are couriers, so that should hit to about what time period they’re in.  Tahl’s parents were killed by the Empire…and Tahl is protective of a girl named Malkir.  Hmm, wonder who she is? Please give me your feedback. Please.



Apple Customer Support

Hey guys! Long time no post huh? We’ve all been incredibly busy with school, so the blog is kinda on the back burner for now. I might write a little about my experience as a sophomore sometime. But for now, I’m writing about my experience with Apple Customer Support. It’s a review.

It started today with my mother’s computer having issues. This is the feedback I sent to Apple:

I’ve always had great success with Apple’s customer support. The tech support people have always been polite, helpful, and have always done their best to assist me with any problems. Apple has one of the best customer support systems I’ve ever had to deal with. The computer operated system actually works and can actually understand what you are saying and will direct you to the correct department. Today my mother’s Mac Book Pro was having issues with Time Machine, and I, being the second best with computers and the only other person in the house, was asked to fix it. I called Apple naturally after I had no idea what to do. The automated system asked me a few questions, helped me find the serial number, and then directed my call to a helpful man who helped me. Eventually, turning it off seemed to fix the problem, and he told me to safe boot it. I did so, but we didn’t realize the computer was encrypted and needed a password, and I had messed up a few times on the process of making the computer safe boot. While it was still loading the safe boot, we went ahead and hung up, after he made sure I didn’t have any problems. I was ,as usual, impressed with Apple. Then I tried turning the computer back on after restarting it like he told me to do so. The computer kept trying to go into safe boot, but wouldn’t finish loading and would then turn off. After trying several times, I called Apple again. I was again directed to the technical support division and was helped by a nice lady. After determining that my mother’s computer had Snow Leopard software, she told me that I needed the Snow Leopard software disk. I asked if it was possible for me to call back after I found it, and she set up a call back time, which I am currently waiting for.

After being called back:
The next lady was probably the most helpful. She figured out that the computer was actually on Lion, and gave me several things to try. Her final conclusion was that the computer needed to go to an Apple store for some onsite maintenance and more help. She was very understanding, helpful, and patient. My father is currently looking at the computer, and we will soon be making an appointment at the Apple store. As usual, Apple’s customer support has been helpful and polite, and I know that I can always count on their staff to be helpful. This is why I have an iPad, iPhone, and a Macbook pro, as does my whole family. We are big fans of Apple. Thank you for all of your help!

So what’s your experience with Apple? Leave your stories in the comments below!