So..What Now?

Hey y’all it’s Pinkii!

I know we haven’t been on much lately, but that’s because all of us are SWAMPED! and I don’t mean that like we all have swamps in our yards and can’t post, because we’re spending all our time draining them. I mean school has started and we’re swamped with work. So I apologize profusely!

But I digress.. Trade My Fins is on the back burner for awhile. I’m lacking inspiration for it, and I just don’t feel like it’s fun to write about it right now. So I was sitting there going “What can I write about on here?” and the truth is, I still am not totally sure. I’m thinking maybe I’ll start journalling on here. Would that interest anyone? The thoughts of a 10th grade girl. I think I’ll try it! I’m sure it will be drama filled! Totally like an episode of glee minus the music. Just kidding!

Haha Love y’all



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