Solo-the Prologue

Hi! So, bad news…I’ve gotten a bit tired of Inevitability.  I know what you’re thinking, “Ebony! You’re only two chapter in! How can you be tired of it?!?!”  I’m not quitting it, just taking a small break. And in that small break, I’m writing a different story! “Solo.” This is the prologue, so I hope you enjoy!

S o l o

Solo.  By oneself.  Companionless.  Friendless.  Unaided.  Alone.  Me.

I’ve been by myself my entire life. No father to play with me, no mother to care and worry for me.  No friends, no allies. Only enemies, people that hate me.  People in immaculate white coats that chase me, try to trap me in a cage.

In this world, I have no one.  I can only rely on myself.

But why do people hate me? Why do they want to take my freedom away, why do they want me as a lab rat?

Well, it’s because in the world of Godai, I’m the only Void.  I’m the fifth element, I’m pure energy, the sky, light; the fabric of the entire universe.  I’m everything everyone else isn’t; and I hate it.  I haven’t gone a day in my life without having someone try to kill me.  So why aren’t I dead? Here’s the best part: I can’t die. Well, I can, it’s just that no one has ever been powerful enough to kill me.  I’ve had a bounty on my head for all 15 years of life, and I’ve never been scratched.  (Well, I’ve tripped over a couple million rocks and gotten a couple skinned knees, but really, that’s it.)  I’ve had people try to burn me to ashes, drown me, bury me alive, suffocate me….and I’m still alive! Great! But seriously, what’s the point?  I’m living simply for the point of living.  So last week, I made a decision: I’m going to find the Oneiro and ask it for the power rule the world!!! Just kidding.  But I really do need it; I want to be a normal person. None of this “Void” stuff.

On the plus side, I’m super popular!  Everyone knows my face and name! Nevermind the fact the either want to kill or capture me.  Most of them aim for the kill.  Hmm.  But yeah, I’m probably the most well-known person on this earth!  My long black hair is pretty common; the biggest give-away is my eyes.  Well, you ask, what color are they?  ….they’re universe-colored.  I know that seems impossible, but remember when I said “I’m the fabric of the entire universe?” …I wasn’t kidding.  I’m seriously the embodiment of the universe.  Yay.  Unfortunately, this makes it really hard to sneak by without some random person shouting, “It’s the Aether!”

On a side note, that’s my name. Aether.  It, lamely enough, means “Void.”  Cha.  I’ve thought about changing it, but it would be kinda pointless.  I’d still be called “Aether.”  On another side note, it sounds pretty.  Kinda wish I had a matching last name, but I haven’t thought of anything yet.

Enough about my name, though.  Back to random people trying to chase me down.  I wear a black cloak with a suspiciously large hood to hide my face in order to disguise myself.  I would try glasses, but that’s kinda shady.  Haha…shady. See what I did there?  But seriously, glasses while indoors? SUSPICIOUS. Adding to suspicious, I carry a glaive on my back.  My only companion, Tekuta.  It’s short for “Purotekuta,” which means “protector.” I know, I’m creative.  But I made her myself, made her ebony pole and her adamantium blade. She’s the only thing that’s kept me surviving all these years. Well, her and my super convenient space-time warping powers, my abilities to float (I can’t fly), my ability to control light and pure energy, my other various abilities….wow, I can do lots of stuff!  I can see why people hate me.

“There she is!”


I’ll catch up with you later, newly bought diary.  (I bought (okay, stole) you because some monk-dude told me that it was the memories of the past that build our future.  Then my hood slipped off and he tried to kill me.  Psh. All monks are pacifists? It’s a LIE.) Bye!


Yeah….It’s a bit long for a prologue.  But I’ve had this idea in my head for about 3 hours!  (I had to finish my English paper before I could type this up.)  I think it could go somewhere! BTW, this story is based off Japanese and Greek elemental beliefs.  And anything particularly not-English sounding is courtesy of Wikipedia (I know, shame on me) and Google translate. And if you find any mistakes, tell me! (I basically sit at a computer, and all this stuff just comes pouring out.  It makes for faster updates though.) Please, please tell me what you guys think! I can’t write if I don’t know what people think! Please!!



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