Inevitability-Chapter 2

Hey, it’s Ebony with another chapter of…Inevitability!! Well…it’s also the only story I’m writing right now, so you could probably guess that.  Warning: I kinda abused italicization. And ellipses. Oops.    Well, enjoy!

“Hey, Avis, you ready for orchestra?”

Avis sighed. “Am I ever?”

Alcarin cracked a smile, one so miniscule that if Avis hadn’t been his best (and only) friend for the past nine years, she wouldn’t have noticed it.

Avis gasped. Avis did a happy dance. Avis shrieked in joy. Avis jumped up and down. Alcarin hit her head. Avis stopped celebrating.

“What was that for?!?!”

Alcarin shrugged. “You seemed to be in some weird trance.”

“It’s called being happy, you jerk!” she exclaimed, before mumbling, “Not that you would know anything about that…but you just smiled! Smiled!! ….wait, are you sick?”

“No, you idiot.  And I was not smiling.”

“You totally were!! You can’t deny it!! And we’re going to be late!! RUN!!!”

She grabbed his arm before running-well, more like charging-down the hallway to their orchestra class.

They burst through the door, just as the bell rang.

“YES! Score! Told ya we’d make it on time, you pessimist.”

“You said no such thing.”

“I did too!! Or did I? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Avis, to your seat please.  We can’t start without our concert pianist, now can we?” said her teacher, smiling all the while.

“Why doesn’t Alcarin get lectured? He arrived at the same time as me, plus he’s the concertmaster! Why only meeeeeeeeeeee?”

“Well, it’s because he’s already in his seat.”

“Huh?” Avis turned around dramatically, only to gasp when she saw Alcarin sitting in his chair, quietly pulling out his violin and running his bow through some rosin. “Not fair!!! You cheated!”

“How so?”

“You…you…uh…your seat is easier to find! It’s right next to the director!”

“And yours is right under the grand piano standing to your right. Just sit down.”

“Ugh!! Fine! I will have my revenge, o great dwarves! I will have my revenge!!!”

A random member of the orchestra turned to his neighbor and asked, “What’s that all about, anyways?”

“She’s always like that.  Well, at least, ever since she met Alcarin.”

“But he’s like… an emotionless, robotic, stoic, and unfeeling rock!”

His neighbor looked confusingly. “A robotic rock? Right…well, anyways, she met him right after her mother died.”

DUN DUN DUN.  Dramatic, no? I hope so.  Anyways, how they met and why Alcarin was smiling (yep, there’s a reason for that) will be revealed in the next chapter. Double bonus!  Be prepared for some fluffy amesomeness! (Or some fluffy sauce.  Whichever you want.) Give me some feedback!



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