New writer

Yo! This is the new, idiosyncratic writer on this blog, EbonyKnightShadow!  Prepare yourselves for some awesome sauce-ness.  I’m not much of a writer, but I AM a geek, one who spends a little too much time gaming then she should.  I’ll probably write a game review or two;don’t expect much (if anything) for the “girly” side, my girly side is pretty much non-existant.  I’m your average nerd/otaku, I can’t really play sports, and I like gaming (Although, I suppose this falls under the “nerd” category.  Hmm.), even if I suck at it. Yep…I can’t think of much more to say, but I’ll try to add something later for you guys.

Greetings (or farewell),



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