Inevitability-Chapter 1

A new story, one I’ve just made up to celebrate the fluffiness of fluffy things! …Yeah, I know I don’t make much sense.  Enjoy!

The notes drifted through the air, gentle chords with an underlying strength that seemed to make its way to one’s soul.  They continued, one after another, forming a soothing melody that moved like waves. Then, another sound, a different instrument that began slowly on a single note and worked itself gracefully into a harmony.  It didn’t detract from the melody; if anything, it completed the melody, not overpowering it, yet not supporting it.  It was like two strangers had come together and harmonized with each other instantaneously, like love at first sight-

“Avis! Avis!”

A girl jumped, her waist-long auburn hair loose from her usual low ponytail.

“Yes! Cheesecake! Purple dinocorns! Thermopolis-what was the question again?”

“Ms. Katari, please refrain from sleeping in my class. Again.

The girl laughed sheepishly.

“Sorry, Professor! I’ll try harder next time. I promise.”

“Sure you will,” muttered the boy sitting next to her.  “That’s the same thing you’ve said all year.”

She elbowed him sharply.  “Shut up, Alcarin!”


“No violence in my classroom, please.”

She gave her professor another apology before elbowing the boy again-discretely this time.  The boy didn’t dare shout again, in fear of being elbowed yet again.

The boy was none other than Alcarin Dorster, Avis’ long-time friend….and childhood crush.

Tell me what you guys think!



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