Trade My Fins for Your Feet Chapter 2

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Trade My Fins for Your Feet Chapter 2


We swam down the stairs as slowly as possible. We wanted to go to this dinner about as much as a fish wants to meet a sushi chef. We waited outside the doors to the throne room where the guests (the two princes and their father and mother) would formally greet Father, Karina, and I, then we would have a formal dinner.

On the way there, a servant prepped us for the dinner. She went over the guests names, hobbies, interests, things for conversation, things not to mention, a ton of stuff. She gave us a small card with the info on it. The Merpeople city they lived in was in the Bering Sea, near Russia. They spoke Russian in the city, but most Merpeople speak English, which is what the capital city of the Pacific Ocean, Pacifiantis, where the castle I live in is, mainly speaks. As the future ruler of the Pacific Ocean, I have learned many different languages so that I can properly converse with my people and with my enemies.

Sighing, I reviewed the card that gave brief descriptions of the guests. The Czar’s name was Kirill, and he liked to play the human sport of golf. The Czarina, Lida, enjoyed needle point. And the two sons, Evgeniy and Gennadiy, Karina and I’s potential husbands, enjoyed competitive swimming.

Karina and I entered the throne room and knelt in front of father and greeted him. “You may rise,” father said. As we stood up he said, “Hello Karina, hello Gabrielle. Are you ready to meet our guests?” “Yes father,” we sullenly replied as we sat in the two smaller thrones on each side of him. As the older twin, I sat on his right hand side.

Once we settled into our mini-thrones, the guests entered the room and knelt in front of us. Father greeted them and told them to rise. Kirill gave the reports of how the Province of the Bering Sea was doing and father seemed happy. Then we all went into the dining hall.

The food was, as always, excellent, even if the company was well, not. Karina flat out refused to talk to them. So that left me with the job of maintaining the conversation on our end of the table where we and the princes were.

“So how is your swimming coming?” I politely asked. To be honest, I had no interest in it. As they blathered on and on about these awards they had won, my mind was on the research I was doing on a potion. You don’t have to have magic to make potions. The potion that I’m developing will theoretically temporarily give a Merperson feet as opposed to fins. However, the research hasn’t been going well. I haven’t even found a starting place. Not to mention the only starting idea I had was to go talk to a witch or a warlock. They have really powerful magic. One might be able to either point me in a starting path to research the potion or might be able to cast the magic spell and take away my fins and replace them with feet. The only problem is, help from a witch or warlock always has a price. And those who pay it, usually regret it.


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