Trade My Fins for Your Feet Chapter 1

Hey guys it’s Pinkii! This is my first story I’ve written, so don’t be too mean! Comments and criticism appreciated!


Chapter One

Trade My Fins for Your Feet

“I don’t want to have dinner with them!,” my twin sister shouted from across their shared living room. “I know you don’t, but Father insists,” I said. “But they’re not even cute, they’re just royalty and rich!” she whined from her favorite chair. “I know, I’m against it too, but we better go get ready before Father gets mad.” “Fine” she said.

Hi I’m Gabrielle, but you can call me Elle for short. I’m 15 years old. I have long, blonde hair almost down to my feet, big amethyst colored eyes, light fair skin, and heart shaped face. Oh and I’m also a princess. Okay a Mermaid Princess.

Maybe I should formally introduce myself then.
Hello I am Princess Of the Pacific Ocean, Princess Gabrielle Elytha Sakura.

I know it’s very long, now do you get why I go by Elle. I don’t have a last name, since I’m a princess.

The Merpeople species live divided among the five oceans. Oceans are of course divided into seas. The seas are smaller provinces of the kingdoms. So there are different kings for each of the seas within the oceans. The Ocean-Kings rule over the kings of the seas that are in their ocean. My father is the Ocean-King of the Pacific Ocean, the largest ocean in the world.

Humans don’t know about the Merpeople, and most Merpeople want to keep it that way.  The Merpeople are very advanced compared to the humans in things like technology, medicine, you name it. Some Merpeople develop magical powers, and they worry that humans would abuse the powers. Royalty usually have very powerful magic, but I haven’t developed any powers yet. Usually Merpeople develop powers when they are 16 or 17 years old, so I still have time.

Merpeople obviously live under the sea. Our cities are charmed so that humans won’t want to go near them. We charm our hair so that it doesn’t get all wet and dark. The magic makes it look like it’s on the surface. Magic is great. I can’t wait until my powers start to develop!

The girl who was shouting earlier is my fraternal twin sister, Karina. She’s athletic, loud, and quite outgoing. She’s almost my polar opposite. I’m terrible at sports. I, on the other hand, am good with technology, studies, and things like that. Not bragging or anything, but I am a genius. I built a super computer, named Misty, for our floor where we can press a button and tell Misty what to do, like call this person or have the palace chefs bring up a milkshake. In my spare time I help do research or write computer programs.

The one thing my sister and I have in common, is our love of fashion, make up, and girly stuff. We shop together, get our nails done together, although our clothing styles tend to be different. I tend to wear more feminine, girly, frilly stuff, while hers I would describe as more simple, classic, or elegant.

She and I look quite different. If we weren’t the famous twin princesses, people wouldn’t guess we were related at all! She’s gorgeous. She has dark straight black hair that flows about halfway down her back and her eyes are sky blue. We do share fair skin and heart shaped faces, though.

My tail is soft, but still kinda vibrant pink. The same color of Cherry Blossoms. I’ve never seen a Cherry tree, but they have brought blossoms down to the castle for me. They’re my favorite flowers. Karina’s tail is sky-blue and matches her eyes.

My thoughts were interrupted by Karina yelling again. “ELLE! WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE! HURRY UP!”

I better get ready. Karina and I are being forced to meet two Mer-princes of some seas in our ocean. I think tonight we are meeting the two brothers who are princes of the Bering Sea. We’ve met them once before. It was awkward. We had nothing in common.

You see, while the Mer-People are advanced in someways, we are still old fashioned in others. Our father is trying to find princes for Karina and I to marry. The arranged marriages could bring treaties, alliances, and wealth to the people, according to him. But Karina and I don’t want an arranged marriage. We want to find love. But here in the ocean, we aren’t going to find it. Everybody knows who we are, so we can’t get to know anybody, because people seem to get nervous around us, or think we’re snobby, or mean.

But Karina and I have a plan. We’re going to escape and go live on the surface. We don’t know how yet, but we’re working on it.

I sat down in the styling chair while the hair and make up artists worked on me. I was going to wear a strapless floor length ball gown with a sweetheart neckline that was beaded on top of the dress and on the waist. I put on a necklace with a pendant that was a circle with diamonds and little X’s on it. Finally my styling team finished and swam away. My sister came in looking stunning as always. She wore a light blue  ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and a halter that was embroidered with a darker shade of blue.

“Ready to go?”, she asked. “Unfortunately yes,” I replied.
We shared a hollow laugh and then left, ready to get this evening over with.


So good? Bad? I hope you liked it! I’m nervous about putting this up! Eek!

~Pinkii♥ the incredibly nervous wreck


5 thoughts on “Trade My Fins for Your Feet Chapter 1

  1. Not bad for a beginning…Don’t be too nervous, if it makes you feel any better, I posted part of my first chapter today as well…Good luck to you and come see my blog-we can be nervous together 🙂

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    • Sorry, I was on an extreme sugar-high-but-really-tired-and-kinda-really-sort-of-messed-up moment. I’ve deleted it. Sorry again.

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