Pinkii’s adventure at the Pokemon League

So as most of you know (The 153 awesome people who have viewed the site), I, Pinkii, am a girly-nerd. And I love Pokemon. I have been a fan of Pokemon since I was about three or four, when I discovered the anime on cartoon network. When I was five, a friend from kindergarten gave me my first five Pokemon cards. When I found Pokemon Emerald, I begged my dad to buy it for me. So now, at age 15, I decided that I wanted to join a real Pokemon League. What’s a league you ask? A Pokemon League is sort of like a club for Pokemon. The leagues come in three varieties: TCG, Video games, and both. TCG stands for Trading Card Game. The Pokemon franchise also has a TCG, a card game where you battle each other. It requires strategy and a bit of luck and some cards of course. I have around 1200 cards. However, my cards were several years old and dated, and I needed some new ones. I went out and bought a pack for like $8 at Walmart. I chose the Pokemon Black and White Dark Explorers Raiders Deck. I chose it, because my favorite Pokemon, Espeon, was in it. Pokemon Leagues have restrictions. The people who are in charge of the league have to go through background checks and have to hold the meetings in a public place, like a card store, video game store, restaurant, rec center, it just depends. Otherwise, the league will not be listed on the pokemon website. Only go to the leagues listed there, to make sure they are real leagues and safe. Use the link below to look for them.

Leagues usually meet about once a week for around 3 hours, this can vary depending on the league of course. You don’t have to go every week, or even stay for the whole time. There are people of all ages in the leagues, of course it still depends on the league. Some leagues only play the Pokemon video games, some only play the TCG, and some do both. The particular league I’m in does both, but tends to play more TCG. You hang out and talk, play either the TCG or the video game, and have fun.

So enough explanation, let’s get back to my adventure!
I spent a week convincing my parents to let me go. I even went through the torture of briefcase shopping with my dad for 3 hours. Not kidding. It’s true. And by the way, he still hasn’t found one yet! Finally he agreed. The league I went to met at a Taco Bell (Ick! I’m not a fan of Taco Bell at all!). About 10-15 people came, but there’s more in the league. The people there were mostly adults, but there were some kids and a teenager or two. They were really nice. They taught me how to play the TCG game and were very friendly. We hung out and talked about Pokemon and a ton of other stuff. I really enjoyed it. I want to go again and plan too in the future. In fact, I wanted to go again yesterday, but couldn’t because of all this stuff going on.

If you want to try out a league, I recommend contacting the League leader before hand, to get more information. They can suggest where to buy cards and which ones are good to get. They have some form of contact information on the league website. Just be sure to go to a league that’s listed on the Pokemon website.

I had a total blast at the League meeting! You don’t have to have any experience, just a love of Pokemon!
Smell ya later! (Pokemon fans will get the joke)


The Pokemon Website:

For more explanation on Pokemon Leagues:

The deck I bought:

Where to find a League:


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