Liquid Liner

Hey guys,

A ton of my friends have been tellinng me that they have no clue how to use liquid liner.  I decided to go to Sephora, and one of the really friendly sale ladies actually sat me down and talked me through it.  So, I thought I’d share with you guys.  I use the Sephora Doe eyed, felt eyeliner, and I really like it.  You just have to tilt your head upwards, lower your eyelids, and look down.  I’m warning you; you will look as if you’re half asleep.  Hold the eyeliner brush horizontal and press it along the edge of the lid.  Once you’ve done that, you can grab a Q-tip (a girl’s best friend) , get it wet and just dab off any excess liner.  Then, get the point or tip of the brush and go over what you’ve already done, making it smoother, finer, and darker.  By now, you should have perfect, gorgeous eyes.

Talk to you guys soon!

Disclaimer:  None of the Sephora products or their affilliates belong to me.  I acknowledge that Sephora has full copyright over them.


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