Pokemon Emerald Review

Hey guys it’s pinkii here to do a video game review on Pokemon Emerald. I know it’s an older game, not really old, but it’s two Pokemon generations behind.

Pokemon Emerald was the third installment in third generation of Pokemon after Ruby and Sapphire. It adds on to the plot from Ruby and Sapphire quite a bit. There’s a big difference. There are many gameplay changes, new stuff, big plot add on. It was the last major game in a series to be released for the gameboy advanced.

This game has a very special place in my heart, because it was my very first Pokemon game. I remember being around eight years old wandering around Fry’s (An electronics store) and seeing a Pokemon game. I had been a fan of Pokemon since I was about three or four, when I discovered the anime on cartoon network. When I was five, a friend from kindergarten gave me my first five Pokemon cards. When I found the game, I begged my dad to buy it for me. It was the second video game I had owned. I had gotten my Nintendo Ds (the original Ds in blue) the day before, and the only game I had was Nintendogs, which gets boring after awhile. I went home and began playing it. A few years later, I sold it. A few months ago, I bought it again, determined to beat it once again, but I would do it much better. I would have a proper balanced team, fight every trainer I could see, beat the battle tower, everything. I’m still working on it, in case you’re wondering. Pokemon has been and still is one of my favorite series and fandoms. I can identify almost all of them, except for a few of the new ones maybe, but I’m working on it. I’m obsessed. My all time favorite Pokemon is Espeon, and after that, it’s the rest of the eevvelutions, plus eevee. But I’m off topic now! I’ll get back to the review now!

Pokemon Emerald is about a trainer (boy or girl) who begins his/her pokemon journey. After saving Professor Birch from a wild pokemon, he gives you your pick of three pokemon: Torchick the fire type, Mudkip the watertype, and Treeko the grass type. The trainer then begins her/his journey into the Hoenn region with the goal of defeating all eight gym leaders and then defeating the Pokemon League and then finally defeating the Champion. However, two evil gangs, Team Aqua and Team Magma are in a race trying to awaken two legendary ancient pokemon: Kyogre the water type and Groudon the ground type, who were sleeping after being stopped by the legendary ancient pokemon Rayquaza.When they awaken them, they discover that they can not control the angry wild pokemon who disappear and drastically alter the climates. You must stop them and help restore balance to the world.

Plot: One of the best plots in the Pokemon series in my opinion. It has so much more than Ruby or Sapphire.

Gameplay: The gameplay isn’t too bad for a gameboy advanced SP. It’s not hard to move and the controls are pretty good.

Graphic quality: For a gameboy advanced game, it isn’t too bad. In comparison with a ds game, it wasn’t so great. It is an older game though from several years ago though and you have to take that into consideration.

Art Style: same as above pretty much. The pokemon sprites are cute as are the trainer sprites, but it’s nothing really artistic.

Pacing of story:It’s a little fast paced, but there’s just so much content, that it will be a long time before you run out of stuff to do.

Customization: The most customization is picking the pokemon to catch and add to your team.

Difficulty of game: It is more difficult than it’s sister games Ruby and Sapphire. The gym leaders, enemy bosses, rivals, elite four, and Champion have more pokemon, and they are usually stronger. It’s not too difficult, as long as you train your pokemon well and keep a balanced team.

Music soundtrack: Kinda annoying sometimes. It can get repetitive after awhile, but it’s not too bad.

Price of game: I recommend buying it on ebay. If you buy it at gamestop, it’s $40, which is ridiculous for a gameboy advanced game. I think I paid about $15 for mine on ebay with shipping.

Lasting Appeal: After you beat the game, there’s still a ton more to do. You can take on the challenge of catching all the pokemon in the national pokedex, or take on the Battle Frontier, a new island with 8 different places to fight, each with it’s own set of unique set ups and rules. There’s still a lot do do, so it will keep you busy for awhile.

Stars out of 10: I’m giving this game a solid 9. It has a great lasting appeal, nice plot, and the game play isn’t too bad. However, there are some little things, like the graphics aren’t as amazing, the art isn’t as great, mainly just some little nit picky things. You do have to keep in mind that this game is nearly eight years old, so the graphics were pretty good for that time.

Final Consensus: I totally recommend the game, even if it is a little dated.

If you really want to start from the first region (Kanto), then you better get out your old Gameboy (the original or the gameboy color). You start with Blue or Red. From there, you go on to Gold, Silver, or Crystal for the gameboy color. Then you go to Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, for the Gameboy Advanced. Next Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum for the DS, then last, Black and White for the DS, the sister games for this generation is Pokemon Black and White 2, but it’s only out in Japan. If you don’t want to play the older generations on the old Gameboys, the originals have been remade. The first generation were remade for the Gameboy Advanced as Fire Red and Leaf Green, the second generation was remade for the DS as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It doesn’t matter where you start in my opinion. The plot doesn’t run across games, so you’ll be fine. I know some fans think that you have to start with the first game, or you’re not a true fan, but I disagree. It doesn’t matter where you start with the games, whether it be the newest copy of the latest game, or the very first one. All that matters is that we share a fandom of love of Pokemon. Pokemon is almost 16 years old. It was released in 1996 in Japan; it came to America in 1998. Pokemon was a big part of my childhood, and as a teenager, I am still a big fan. I remember watching as many episodes as I could get my hands on as kid, singing the theme song (the original. I still know it by heart), reciting the Team Rocket motto (I also still know that by heart), and just loving Pokemon.

Sorry for my rant on how much I love Pokemon. I guess you know by now I’m a big fan!

Oh if you want to look up anything Pokemon related try using Bulbapedia or Serebii. Both of these sites are great!

I’ll stop here! This is a long post.. 1235 words total! wow!



Disclaimer: I do not own, nor am I affiliated with the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo, Serebii.net, Bulbapedia, Gamestop, Ebay, Fry’s Electronics, nor anything mentioned here. They all belong to their respective owners and creators. I am only fan. This is strictly a personal review of the game. I was not paid to review these, nor was I given any of the products mentioned by their companies.


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