Saying hello

hey guys,

This is lilacdaydreamergirl, but please call me Lilac.  Calling me the latter would be a waste of time and energy for typing.  I’m a fifteen year old girl from Texas.  I’m going to be contributing to the girly side of this page, because Pinkii, my good friend, asked me to help.  This is my first time blogging, but hopefully Pinkii and Cerulean will be helping me.  Leave a comment if you actually want me to check something out for you.  I’m not really picky about it, but remember I do the girly side of the page.  When it comes to technology, I run into a lot of problems. I love reading and writing; I’m the quiet girl that once you get to to know her won’t shut up.  I love fashion, shopping, dancing, and singing as well.  I’m looking forward to blogging and maybe I’ll get to talk to some of you guys soon. Bye!


Feel free to leave a comment! We would love to hear your opinions!

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