Sally Hansen Diamond Strength French Manicure Pen Kit Review

My first post in the Girly section! I’m reviewing the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength French Manicure Pen Kit. I chose the base color of Ballet Bare/Beige Ballet, because I thought it looked the most natural of the colors. I bought the kit at a Walgreens. It was around $10 I believe. The contents of the box were: instructions, base and top clear coat, the Ballet Bare nail color, the French manicure white tip pen, and these sticky guide lines that peeled off like stickers that you stick to your nail to keep everything even. The nail color and the clear polish were both from the diamond strength collection.

I couldn’t figure out how to use the kit even with instructions. I used the guide lines, but they were very frustrating. The white tip leaked through the sticky guideline thingies. Also another time (this one was my fault, but I still got ticked off), I didn’t realize that one of my nails was still tacky, and I put the sticker guide line thing on it. When I tried to take it off, it peeled off part of the nail polish. I had to go back and do that nail again.

Another problem I found today was that the polish on some of my nails had turned orange. Not the nail, but the polish. It was strange. I don’t know what it was or if something was wrong with the polish, but I plan on calling the customer support to ask later. Also another problem: the Diamond Strength claim that the polish is long lasting and is no chip. That was not the case. It chipped within a few days. I had put on a base coat, two color coats, and a top coat. I was unimpressed that I had to fix my nails so soon.

Final consensus:

I ended up just using the nail color and the top coat. The nail color is very natural looking, and is pretty if you are looking for something more plain or natural. I personally am not that good at doing nails. I can do basic painting, but I can’t do anything too complicated. I can do a basic flower design with some nail art pen, but that’s it. I thought this kit would be good for someone who is not that amazing at doing nails, but I was wrong. This kit I think would be good for someone that is more talented at doing nails. I love a French manicure, but I think I will have to stick with going to a nail salon to get the classic look of a french manicure.ImageImage


Disclaimer: Sally Hansen and the Diamond Strength French Manicure Pen Kit belong to their respective owners and creators.  I am not affiliated with the companies mentioned in any way.  This is strictly a personal review of the cosmetic. I was not given the products to review, I am not being paid for the review, I purchased the product on my own.


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