Hiya! Welcome to my first blog post!

Let me introduce myself. Hi I’m Pinkii the creator of this blog. I’m from Texas and I’m 15. I consider myself a girly girl, but also a geek and nerd. I love shopping, makeup, doing hair, nails, watching romcoms, and reading girly novels, but I also love videogames, manga, anime (I’m a total otaku), and watching tv shows and movies about superheros, supernatural, and what not. I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to clothes. I don’t stick to one style. I like to wear lots of different styles, whether it be girly, jeans in a T-shirt, etc. I’m the same way with music. I like pop, country, hiphop, dance, alternative, rock, anything really. I love music and don’t like to be limited to one genre. I love vocaloids. If you don’t know what those are, them look them up! My favorites are Kagamine Len and Rin. I only use Apple electronics. I have an iPhone, iPad, and a mac book. I personally dislike PCs. I love reading. My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter. I might write book, videogame, or makeup reviews on here, but I haven’t decided quite what I’m going to do on here. I know I want to have a Girly section and a Geek section on the site. I mainly game on my computer and my ds. I have a Ds lite and a 3Ds. I love Pokemon. My favorite is Espeon, then after that it’s the other eeveelutions and eevee of course! I’m also a Sims addict. I love the Sims 3! I will try to post at least once a week. Hopefully everyday or every couple days. I go to a tough school and I have to make sure I get all A’s. Thank goodness for the summer! I’m going to stop typing soon. Please tell others about this blog to spread the word! Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!



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