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Pinkii’s adventure at the Pokemon League

So as most of you know (The 153 awesome people who have viewed the site), I, Pinkii, am a girly-nerd. And I love Pokemon. I have been a fan of Pokemon since I was about three or four, when I discovered the anime on cartoon network. When I was five, a friend from kindergarten gave me my first five Pokemon cards. When I found Pokemon Emerald, I begged my dad to buy it for me. So now, at age 15, I decided that I wanted to join a real Pokemon League. What’s a league you ask? A Pokemon League is sort of like a club for Pokemon. The leagues come in three varieties: TCG, Video games, and both. TCG stands for Trading Card Game. The Pokemon franchise also has a TCG, a card game where you battle each other. It requires strategy and a bit of luck and some cards of course. I have around 1200 cards. However, my cards were several years old and dated, and I needed some new ones. I went out and bought a pack for like $8 at Walmart. I chose the Pokemon Black and White Dark Explorers Raiders Deck. I chose it, because my favorite Pokemon, Espeon, was in it. Pokemon Leagues have restrictions. The people who are in charge of the league have to go through background checks and have to hold the meetings in a public place, like a card store, video game store, restaurant, rec center, it just depends. Otherwise, the league will not be listed on the pokemon website. Only go to the leagues listed there, to make sure they are real leagues and safe. Use the link below to look for them.

Leagues usually meet about once a week for around 3 hours, this can vary depending on the league of course. You don’t have to go every week, or even stay for the whole time. There are people of all ages in the leagues, of course it still depends on the league. Some leagues only play the Pokemon video games, some only play the TCG, and some do both. The particular league I’m in does both, but tends to play more TCG. You hang out and talk, play either the TCG or the video game, and have fun.

So enough explanation, let’s get back to my adventure!
I spent a week convincing my parents to let me go. I even went through the torture of briefcase shopping with my dad for 3 hours. Not kidding. It’s true. And by the way, he still hasn’t found one yet! Finally he agreed. The league I went to met at a Taco Bell (Ick! I’m not a fan of Taco Bell at all!). About 10-15 people came, but there’s more in the league. The people there were mostly adults, but there were some kids and a teenager or two. They were really nice. They taught me how to play the TCG game and were very friendly. We hung out and talked about Pokemon and a ton of other stuff. I really enjoyed it. I want to go again and plan too in the future. In fact, I wanted to go again yesterday, but couldn’t because of all this stuff going on.

If you want to try out a league, I recommend contacting the League leader before hand, to get more information. They can suggest where to buy cards and which ones are good to get. They have some form of contact information on the league website. Just be sure to go to a league that’s listed on the Pokemon website.

I had a total blast at the League meeting! You don’t have to have any experience, just a love of Pokemon!
Smell ya later! (Pokemon fans will get the joke)


The Pokemon Website:


For more explanation on Pokemon Leagues:


The deck I bought:


Where to find a League:



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Sorry Ya’ll!

Just a quick update!
Sorry there haven’t been any posts for a few days! Cerulean is on vacation and Lilac is at camp, so they can’t do any posts. On top of that, I (Pinkii), have not been feeling well for the last couple days. I’ll try to do a post in a bit! 
That’s all and again sorry sorry sorry!!!

Rune Factory 3 Review

Today I’m doing a review for Rune Factory 3, the third Rune Factory game for the DS.  It is my absolute favorite in the series so far!  If you aren’t familiar with the Rune Factory games, I suggest taking a look at my Rune Factory review or using Google.

Plot:  The game starts out on a dark, stormy night in Sharance.  All of a sudden, a golden wooly (a sheep of sorts for those of you who may be unfamiliar with Rune Factory) falls from the sky in front of a shop.  A young woman comes out and brings you inside to care for you since you appear to be hurt.  After an argument with her grandfather she puts you in a spare bed and leaves you to rest.  In the morning, there is a flash of light and the wooly is no longer there.  In the place of the wooly is a young man.  He rushes out of the shop and ends up in front of a huge tree.  Another young woman is standing in front of the tree but won’t speak to you.  Luckily, the same young woman from before comes by and starts talking to you.  She asks for your name but you can’t seem to remember.  In fact, you can’t remember a single thing about yourself!  So, just like the 2 protagonists from Rune Factory 1 & 2, you have amnesia.  The young woman has you pick a name for yourself.  The default name is Micah.  After this she has the other young woman who wouldn’t talk to you take you up into the tree while she leaves to go get her grandfather.  The young woman comes back with her grandfather (the mayor) and he lets you live in the Sharance tree which also has farmland right under it.  More stuff happens right after that but I’ll let you see that for yourself if you get the game.  Long story short, you get to play through the caves around town which are set up similarly to Rune Factory 2’s.  The plot revolves around beating the bosses in the caves just like the past games.

Gameplay:  This one has the best gameplay by far in my opinion.  The controls are very similar to those of Rune Factory 2 with some minor differences.  A nice feature was that you could drop stuff on the ground and it wouldn’t disappear unless you moved from that screen or there were too many items.  The best part of all: everything was FAST.  He ran fast (probably only a little faster than the other protagonists but still) and the fighting was fast.  It didn’t take you forever to swing your sword or weapon like it did in Rune Factory 2.  Only thing that could be kind of annoying was that the weather wasn’t set the day before like in the other Rune Factories or like in Harvest Moon.  The day could start off sunny, but could be raining 4 hours later.  The same thing with typhoons (which wreck your fields).  It could be sunny all day, then it would start storming a second later.  This can easily be avoided (but it’s still annoying) by saving frequently.  Also, seeds cover only 1 tilled square, unlike the 9 squares in the past two games and while you have two fields under the tree, you have to rotate which one you use because the soil quality starts declining.  Super annoying, but not too bad.  There is also so much more to the game that it would take ages to write it all down.

Graphic quality:  The graphics in Rune Factory 3 are better than the other two games.  Everything is a little sharper and the colors are much brighter.  It’s a huge difference from the first game.

Art Style: It seemed like almost every shop had some little embellishment on it.  The flower shop and flowers on the building, the eccentric elf who loves rainbows had splashes of paint on her house, the Inn was a little more Eastern, and the settlement had tents in it.  The caves had various things in them that made them interesting, such as the random statues in Privera Forest.  The Sharance tree’s leaves changed with the season which was nice.

Pacing of story:  This very much depends on how much you play and how quickly you finish games in general.  The first file I made, I finished the plot by early Winter of my first year and took me a couple months (real time) I believe to finish.  The second file… I finished the whole plot by mid-Summer of my first year and took me 1 week (real time) to finish. I took my time doing everything in the first file and enjoyed the stuff going on.  The second time around I focused almost solely on the plot and tended to ignore people for the most part. So yeah.

Customization:  There’s a little more customization in this one but not much.  You can buy outfits from Evelyn that are just different colors of the default one or more costume like ones like the wedding tuxedo.  You can also buy furniture from Evelyn and place it anywhere on the main floor of the Sharance tree you want.  You have the option to rename your character and farm throughout the game.

Difficulty of game:  Rune Factory 3 has to be one of the easiest games I have ever played.  It’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous.  But for some reason, that’s what makes it so much fun.  The thing that makes it so easy is that you can level up really fast, unlike the past games, and money is easy to come by.  That combination makes for an easy game.  To say how easy it is, I’m a level 410 and have over 11,000,000 G in the summer of my 2nd (maybe 3rd) game year.

Music soundtrack:  The music was good, especially the music that plays under the Sharance tree where you farm.  None of it was amazingly irritating.

Price of game:  You can buy the game new for $20 at Gamestop.

Lasting Appeal:  I finished this game a second time (and I seldom make second files) over a year ago and I still constantly play it.  There’s just something about it that makes you want to come back for more.

Stars out of 10:  I give it a full 10.  Sure, there were some slightly irritating things like the randomness of storms, but everything else about the game negated it.

Final Consensus:  I loved almost everything about this game and highly recommend it if you’ve already played the last two Rune Factories for the DS.  It is still one of my favorite games after a year.

Disclaimer: We do not own, nor are we affiliated with the makers of Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Google, nor anything else mentioned here. They all belong to their respective owners and creators. This is strictly a personal review of the product. We were not paid to review this product, nor were we given the product by any company. The Girly and the Geeky blog is not associated with the aforementioned makers in any way, nor is there any profit made for the blog, it’s owner, and other writers.


Liquid Liner

Hey guys,

A ton of my friends have been tellinng me that they have no clue how to use liquid liner.  I decided to go to Sephora, and one of the really friendly sale ladies actually sat me down and talked me through it.  So, I thought I’d share with you guys.  I use the Sephora Doe eyed, felt eyeliner, and I really like it.  You just have to tilt your head upwards, lower your eyelids, and look down.  I’m warning you; you will look as if you’re half asleep.  Hold the eyeliner brush horizontal and press it along the edge of the lid.  Once you’ve done that, you can grab a Q-tip (a girl’s best friend) , get it wet and just dab off any excess liner.  Then, get the point or tip of the brush and go over what you’ve already done, making it smoother, finer, and darker.  By now, you should have perfect, gorgeous eyes.

Talk to you guys soon!

Disclaimer:  None of the Sephora products or their affilliates belong to me.  I acknowledge that Sephora has full copyright over them.

My Daily Makeup Routine

Hey guy’s it’s Pinkii and today I’m blogging about my current make up routine. I do change it from time to time, like when I get something new! Ok here I go! I’ll link the products at the end. For brushes, I use the Face and Eye Travel Tool Kit from Sephora. I love it!

  1. First thing I do is put on a liquid foundation. It helps set the powder foundation to last for most of the day. During the school year, I stay late after school, so my makeup needs to last. My current liquid foundation is the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow. I like it, because it has a built in primer and feels light. It’s anti-aging (not something that I need since I’m 15, but I’m including it anyway.), oil-free, hypo-allergenic, good for all skin types, has SPF 20, and more that I’m not going to include.
  2. Next I put on concealer. I’m going to add in the current product as soon as I buy some new stuff, because I think I dropped mine in a parking lot and lost it. For stuff I used before, I liked the Clinique concealer a lot and the Maybelline concealer. I’m not including any concealers in the links for the mentioned products, because I don’t remember what I exactly used.
  3. Next I put on a powder foundation. Right now I’m using the Bare Minerals Bare Radiance. I dust this lightly all over my face.
  4. Next I put on blush. I love the Clinique Iced Lotus color. It’s such a pretty shade of pink! I brush a light amount on the apples of my cheeks and along my cheek bones.
  5. Time for eyes! I like to change up my eyes every once and awhile. Right now I start with eye shadow (If you have primer, I recommend using it, because it makes it last longer, but I’m out currently. I recommend the Too Faced eye primer. It’s excellent.). My current eye shadow uses four colors which are from Sephora’s Smokey Studio Customizable Eye Palette. First I apply a light pink to my lid, then I brush a light champagne color under my brow, then I brush a light sparkly purple onto my crease, then finally I brush a hot pink along my crease.
  6. Sometimes I don’t put on eyeliner, it depends on my mood. But if I do, I either use a black eyeliner pencil from Clinique or a gel from a small container that you use a liner brush for. I have two creams. One is a light purple from Lancome and the other is a black from Sephora. I recommend just buying the eye liner cream from Sephora. It’s cheaper and works the same. I don’t recommend the Smudger & Liner brush from Lancome. It’s hard to use and expensive. The liner brush from Sephora works better and is cheaper.
  7. Next I add mascara. Mascara is one of those things that you can buy from a drugstore and be fine. I’ve found that I like my $8 Maybelline mascara (Falsies Flared in Very Black) better than name brand mascaras from Clinique and Estee Lauder. Maybelline Falsies Flared makes my lashes look really long and flared out. I love the look.
  8. Finally I add a lipstick or a lip gloss. I have a bunch of different ones that I use depending on my mood or what I have on me. For lip sticks, I love the Estee Lauder ones. I love the feel and the colors. Lip glosses, you can buy for a buck and they’re great. I like the Elf brand glosses for when I just want a cheap gloss. I also like drug store glosses and tinted balms. Just find a color you like and looks nice on!

And that’s it! I can do the look quickly (I’ve had a lot of practice!). Maybe eventually I’ll do a video, but when this blog has a bunch more followers!

Ok here’s the links for the products along with the version I use. I’m putting them in the order mentioned. I’m only listing the ones I prefer to use. If you want to look up the ones I didn’t like, then you can google them.

Sephora’s Face and Eye Travel Tool Kit. This includes  powder/blush brush, eye shadow blending brush, eye shadow smudge brush, eye shadow crease brush, and an angled brow/liner brush (which is a great liner brush for eyeliner).


Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Makeup in Vanilla Glow


Bare Mineral’s Powder Foundation in Bare Radiance


Clinique’s Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Iced Lotus


Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer)


Sephora’s Smokey Studio Customizable Eye Palette


Clinique’s Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black


Sephora’s Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner in Must Have- matte black


Lancome’s Liner Design Long Wear Calligraphy Gel EyeLiner in 300 Violet Stylista.


Maybelline’s Volum’ Express the Falsies Flared in Very Black


Estee Lauder’s Pure-Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Pink


Elf glosses (I don’t have a particular favorite. I’ve tried a few, and they’re cheap and work fine.)


Ok guys that’s my daily makeup routine! I hope that you can draw inspiration from it and create your own daily look!



Disclaimer: We do not own, nor are we affiliated with: Too Faced, Sephora, Clinique, Maybelline, Bare Minerals, Estee Lauder, or Elf, nor any other companies or products made by the companies mentioned here. The products mentioned here all belong to their respective owners and creators. This is strictly a personal review of the products. We were not paid to review these products, nor were we given the products by any of the companies. The Girly and the Geeky blog is not associated with Too Faced, Sephora, Clinique, Maybelline, Bare Minerals, Estee Lauder, or Elf in any way, nor is there any profit made for the blog, it’s owner, and other writers.

Mini Makeover for the Blog!

Hey guys it’s Pinkii!

As you can see, I gave the blog a little make over! Now if you click on Girly at the top it will take you to the girly related posts, same for the Geeky button, and for the Everything else button. It took me forever to figure it out! Anyway I hope you like it, and I hope it’s a lot easier! Let me know what you like, dislike, or what you think would be a good thing to add on to it! No promises, but I’ll take it into consideration!

If you have any ideas for what we should write about, let us know in the comments! We will definitely consider them, I promise!


Pokemon Emerald Review

Hey guys it’s pinkii here to do a video game review on Pokemon Emerald. I know it’s an older game, not really old, but it’s two Pokemon generations behind.

Pokemon Emerald was the third installment in third generation of Pokemon after Ruby and Sapphire. It adds on to the plot from Ruby and Sapphire quite a bit. There’s a big difference. There are many gameplay changes, new stuff, big plot add on. It was the last major game in a series to be released for the gameboy advanced.

This game has a very special place in my heart, because it was my very first Pokemon game. I remember being around eight years old wandering around Fry’s (An electronics store) and seeing a Pokemon game. I had been a fan of Pokemon since I was about three or four, when I discovered the anime on cartoon network. When I was five, a friend from kindergarten gave me my first five Pokemon cards. When I found the game, I begged my dad to buy it for me. It was the second video game I had owned. I had gotten my Nintendo Ds (the original Ds in blue) the day before, and the only game I had was Nintendogs, which gets boring after awhile. I went home and began playing it. A few years later, I sold it. A few months ago, I bought it again, determined to beat it once again, but I would do it much better. I would have a proper balanced team, fight every trainer I could see, beat the battle tower, everything. I’m still working on it, in case you’re wondering. Pokemon has been and still is one of my favorite series and fandoms. I can identify almost all of them, except for a few of the new ones maybe, but I’m working on it. I’m obsessed. My all time favorite Pokemon is Espeon, and after that, it’s the rest of the eevvelutions, plus eevee. But I’m off topic now! I’ll get back to the review now!

Pokemon Emerald is about a trainer (boy or girl) who begins his/her pokemon journey. After saving Professor Birch from a wild pokemon, he gives you your pick of three pokemon: Torchick the fire type, Mudkip the watertype, and Treeko the grass type. The trainer then begins her/his journey into the Hoenn region with the goal of defeating all eight gym leaders and then defeating the Pokemon League and then finally defeating the Champion. However, two evil gangs, Team Aqua and Team Magma are in a race trying to awaken two legendary ancient pokemon: Kyogre the water type and Groudon the ground type, who were sleeping after being stopped by the legendary ancient pokemon Rayquaza.When they awaken them, they discover that they can not control the angry wild pokemon who disappear and drastically alter the climates. You must stop them and help restore balance to the world.

Plot: One of the best plots in the Pokemon series in my opinion. It has so much more than Ruby or Sapphire.

Gameplay: The gameplay isn’t too bad for a gameboy advanced SP. It’s not hard to move and the controls are pretty good.

Graphic quality: For a gameboy advanced game, it isn’t too bad. In comparison with a ds game, it wasn’t so great. It is an older game though from several years ago though and you have to take that into consideration.

Art Style: same as above pretty much. The pokemon sprites are cute as are the trainer sprites, but it’s nothing really artistic.

Pacing of story:It’s a little fast paced, but there’s just so much content, that it will be a long time before you run out of stuff to do.

Customization: The most customization is picking the pokemon to catch and add to your team.

Difficulty of game: It is more difficult than it’s sister games Ruby and Sapphire. The gym leaders, enemy bosses, rivals, elite four, and Champion have more pokemon, and they are usually stronger. It’s not too difficult, as long as you train your pokemon well and keep a balanced team.

Music soundtrack: Kinda annoying sometimes. It can get repetitive after awhile, but it’s not too bad.

Price of game: I recommend buying it on ebay. If you buy it at gamestop, it’s $40, which is ridiculous for a gameboy advanced game. I think I paid about $15 for mine on ebay with shipping.

Lasting Appeal: After you beat the game, there’s still a ton more to do. You can take on the challenge of catching all the pokemon in the national pokedex, or take on the Battle Frontier, a new island with 8 different places to fight, each with it’s own set of unique set ups and rules. There’s still a lot do do, so it will keep you busy for awhile.

Stars out of 10: I’m giving this game a solid 9. It has a great lasting appeal, nice plot, and the game play isn’t too bad. However, there are some little things, like the graphics aren’t as amazing, the art isn’t as great, mainly just some little nit picky things. You do have to keep in mind that this game is nearly eight years old, so the graphics were pretty good for that time.

Final Consensus: I totally recommend the game, even if it is a little dated.

If you really want to start from the first region (Kanto), then you better get out your old Gameboy (the original or the gameboy color). You start with Blue or Red. From there, you go on to Gold, Silver, or Crystal for the gameboy color. Then you go to Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, for the Gameboy Advanced. Next Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum for the DS, then last, Black and White for the DS, the sister games for this generation is Pokemon Black and White 2, but it’s only out in Japan. If you don’t want to play the older generations on the old Gameboys, the originals have been remade. The first generation were remade for the Gameboy Advanced as Fire Red and Leaf Green, the second generation was remade for the DS as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It doesn’t matter where you start in my opinion. The plot doesn’t run across games, so you’ll be fine. I know some fans think that you have to start with the first game, or you’re not a true fan, but I disagree. It doesn’t matter where you start with the games, whether it be the newest copy of the latest game, or the very first one. All that matters is that we share a fandom of love of Pokemon. Pokemon is almost 16 years old. It was released in 1996 in Japan; it came to America in 1998. Pokemon was a big part of my childhood, and as a teenager, I am still a big fan. I remember watching as many episodes as I could get my hands on as kid, singing the theme song (the original. I still know it by heart), reciting the Team Rocket motto (I also still know that by heart), and just loving Pokemon.

Sorry for my rant on how much I love Pokemon. I guess you know by now I’m a big fan!

Oh if you want to look up anything Pokemon related try using Bulbapedia or Serebii. Both of these sites are great!

I’ll stop here! This is a long post.. 1235 words total! wow!



Disclaimer: I do not own, nor am I affiliated with the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo, Serebii.net, Bulbapedia, Gamestop, Ebay, Fry’s Electronics, nor anything mentioned here. They all belong to their respective owners and creators. I am only fan. This is strictly a personal review of the game. I was not paid to review these, nor was I given any of the products mentioned by their companies.

Rune Factory 2 Review

Hi guys! Today I, Pinkii, am doing a review on the video game Rune Factory 2. This is the sequel to Rune Factory (which was just reviewed by cerulean. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it in the Geek section.) This is one of my personal favorite video games of all time. I specifically requested to do the review on this game because of my love for it. It was the first Rune Factory game I played. It caught my eye at a video game store. I had played Harvest Moon DS and a few other Harvest Moon games before, and when I saw the title Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, I bought it immediately. I took it home and was hooked.

Rune Factory is similar to the Harvest Moon series. The most simple way I can describe it is that you are a farmer who fights monsters. But it’s so much more than that.

This game stars a guy who has lost all of his memories. He doesn’t even remember his name! He is an earthmate, a person who is excelled at farming and can tame monsters. He is found by a girl named Mana, the daughter of the very muscly, very tall, overprotective general store owner named Douglas. After he (the original name of your character is Kyle which I will use from here on out during this review) gives himself a name,  he is invited to live in the town on an abandoned farm, given to him by Mana and Douglas. The town is called Alvarna. Kyle eventually gets married to one of the seven eligible bachelorettes. Each girl has her own distinct personality and a bunch of requests (basically quests that you have to do in order to marry them). I have seen almost all of the scenes and have done almost all of the requests for all of the girls, and each girl is very different. After being married for a few months, Kyle’s wife discovers she is pregnant. You get to chose whether it is a boy or a girl. If you don’t care, you can also make it random. After your child is born, your wife tells you she wants to build a school for the child to attend with the other children in the village. Since it is a small village, children were usually home schooled. In fact in the beginning of the game, there are only two children! The mayor agrees to let the school be built and you volunteer to supply all the needed lumber and money. After the school is built, time moves forward seven years. Kyle recovers his memories and leaves, after saying goodbye to his child, who caught him leaving. He leaves a trail for the child to uncover. You then begin play in the second generation. This is when the game gets even more fun. You keep all the levels, money, and skills from Kyle and they are transfered onto the child. The child has a goal of finding it’s father. To do that, he/she must fight monsters and also the four bosses, one for each dungeon. Each dungeon has a season theme, in which you can grow crops to sell, cook, or give to others. Once you defeat all the bosses, you must save your father. I won’t spoil the rest of it for you!

I’m going to judge the game based on these categories:

Plot: In my opinion, this has the best plot of the series. I loved the plot. I don’t think I did it justice on the description, but I tried my best! I really liked the generation switch in the game. The first generation was a little slow, but the second generation sped up a lot.

Gameplay: The controls were not my most favorite. They greatly improved on the controls in the third Rune Factory. If you dropped something, it disappeared, unless it was a special item, in which case, it would appear in the lost and found. The fighting controls weren’t as fast, but everything was manageable.

Graphic quality: Not too bad. They improved on it a lot from the original Rune Factory.

Art Style: The characters (I mean the close up picture of them that appears when you talk to them)were well drawn and the backgrounds were beautiful. I loved seeing the Cherry trees. They were not as spectacular as something you would get on a PS3, but they were pretty nice for a DS. This is a regular DS game that has been out for four years after all. They did a pretty good job in my opinion.

Pacing of story: The beginning is a little slow. If you take too long courting a girl and saving money, then you might want to hurry it up a bit. Once you get to the second generation, it speeds up a lot. I didn’t even mind the beginning being a little slow, because I was courting several girls and enjoyed getting to know all the characters.

Customization: Not too much customization. You can pick your bride and your child’s gender. You can’t edit your house or clothes though. Well in the second generation, you can change your clothes a bit, like the color and there’s a few other outfits, but you don’t really end up caring. I think I ended up changing the outfit like once or twice a season.

Difficulty of game: The beginning is really easy. The second generation gets tougher, but it’s not going to make you scream. It’s challenging in a good way. It’s not like “OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO BREAK MY FREAKING DS IN HALF!” (which I actually did when I was eight. Stupid Archie from Team Aqua in Pokemon Saphire! I couldn’t beat him no matter what I did… Then when I got a new one, I beat him on the first try. Oh well!)

Music soundtrack: Nice music actually. Actually, I didn’t mind it. I played with the music on when I could. It wasn’t that annoying. It was pleasant, tolerable, and matched the atmosphere of the game.

Price of game: You can buy it used at gamestop for about $20 or on ebay starting at about $10 plus shipping.

Lasting Appeal: It has good replay value. You can marry different girls if you replay the game. I’ve replayed it several times, and I still can play it again.

Final consensus: I totally recommend it. However, if you are going to start the series, you should start with the first one. I wish I had started with the first one. It is hard to play the older games after you have played the newer ones, because the fighting is slower. They improve the gameplay every game. I really loved the game. I still do. I ran out to get the next game as soon as I could. I think that the fighting is a little annoying, because of the controls. The plot though, was amazing. It made up for any downfalls. I have played the game several times. I fully recommend this game and the other games in the series, but I would start with the first one.

Stars out of 10: I want to give it a full 10, because I love the game so much, but there are a few things with the controls that are tricky. So I’m giving it 9 and 3/4. (Harry Potter fans are probably loving the number! I know I do!)

Cerulean will be doing a review on the third game soon!

Have a lovely day! I hope that you try the series, because the games are amazing! My friends and I have been big fans of it for a long time. Cerulean and I along with another good friend of ours, play them together still. If you play the game and need a guide, try searching for Freyashawk’s guides. Also, for the Harvest Moon series, if you need a guide, try going searching Ushi No Tane. Both of them make amazing guides!

Disclaimer:  Harvest Moon and Rune Factory belong to their respective owners and creators. I am not affiliated with Freyashawk or Ushi No Tane in any way, I am merely a fan. None of this is mine. This is strictly a personal review of the game and I’m not being paid for it or anything.

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